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- plz send them to me too plz, i might be interestedHi, info sent. MutationZ ...2006.09.26 22:12:00
- I am very interested in this. Can you send me your process so I can decide if I want to proceed? Tha ...2006.09.26 13:16:00
- Please note:I can only put POS's up in Minmatar Space.MutationZ ...2006.09.26 13:05:00
- heya whe need a pos in verge vendor is it possible?? please send me e evemail for more ifos and cos ...2006.09.25 22:46:00
- Yes, the corp.MutationZ ...2006.09.25 12:25:00
- So that means the guy has to give up his own corp since you can't just change corp ownership of an a ...2006.09.25 12:20:00
- Uhm... can you be more specific? The POS to anchor will be the property of your own corp if you anch ...2006.09.25 12:10:00
- Service still available. Mut. ...2006.09.25 11:54:00
- Edited by: MutationZ on 25/09/2006 12:26:17 Need a high sec POS to research your T2 BPO's? Don't ha ...2006.09.25 06:40:00
- I also picked up one in a can. ...2005.06.10 23:43:00
- If they just move the level 4 agent into low sec space or even straight 0.0, that should even out th ...2005.06.10 23:40:00
- Why dont you post your thoughts on this in the sticky in the ships and module section? ...2005.06.10 23:36:00
- I agree with the suggestions.What galls me is the inconsistency. I have a friend who lost SP in the ...2005.06.10 22:25:00
- Do any of the winers realize that you can do missions 3 times as fast with two people? One battleshi ...2005.06.10 20:09:00
- Uncharitable reply ----> Dont let the door hit you on the way out.Nicer advice----> Raven has had ...2005.06.10 10:48:00

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