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- Attempts to use the device in question nearby Nation created Unstable and Violent Wormholes were uns ...2011.08.28 01:40:00
- Having become aware of the recent incidents involving spatial rifts, and in particular the reports f ...2011.08.21 19:22:00
- Kalevala - Kalevala, a poem concerning Finnish creation myth a continuously recurring theme.Athr ...2011.04.27 13:38:00
- I get the impression that you think the Order is backing the Minmatar; I think not.I do not think th ...2011.04.27 13:31:00
- Apologies for the trouble people are having with the link. Using Firefox 4.0 myself with the file up ...2011.04.06 09:09:00
- Something I've been musing over.Excellent find, will add it to the next update. ...2011.04.05 22:59:00
- New version up, all pretty.Now that things are winding down I'd like to know if there's any interest ...2011.04.05 16:19:00
- Eve's Khanids were probably inspired by these Kara-Khanid Khanate Already noted in the document.I'm ...2011.03.31 23:03:00
- Let's assume and for me it's a big assumption the Talocan are the Jove. I'm personally more partial ...2011.03.31 23:00:00
- Catholic is the broader term for Christians, and more specifically, those who believe the Pope is th ...2011.03.31 12:08:00
- Constructive CriticsmThe timeline hasn't yet been sourced but is at the bottom of the document, it's ...2011.03.31 11:44:00
- As if things weren't complicated enough we have to worry about the observer effect too. ...2011.03.29 00:28:00
- Edited by: Kaito Haakkainen on 28/03/2011 23:12:07 Regarding an list of contents.Bookmarks are alre ...2011.03.28 23:10:00
- That Oruze may refer to a defensive structure to avoid attack has been raised elsewhere and will be ...2011.03.27 11:16:00
- Edited by: Kaito Haakkainen on 26/03/2011 17:29:23 Edited by: Kaito Haakkainen on 25/03/2011 13:53: ...2011.03.25 13:49:00

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