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- 0G RULES! Come on and build your EVE "Life" with us! ...2010.05.23 07:40:00
- I think this is a great idea. It would save my corp so much time. The only thing I would like to add ...2009.10.25 02:08:00
- Having Armageddon days on TQ is a bad idea, let alone Armageddon weeks. They serve no real purpose ...2009.10.18 13:21:00
- Even though this is already possible, why isn't it on the (infamous) right click menu. I mean, when ...2009.10.15 08:38:00
- There are too many reasons for the corp/alliance chat to have a MOTD. In general it would be a great ...2009.10.15 08:30:00
- I could see it being an option for either the corp name or no icon at all...either way, the avatar s ...2009.10.15 08:24:00
- Giving carrier's a drone repair bay would be most useful for sure. I agree totally that the new bay ...2009.10.15 00:32:00
- I am interested in seeing exactilly what you can do. I need a site setup for me to show off my Trita ...2008.08.16 19:25:00
- Edited by: Silvenoshi on 12/07/2008 20:36:59 WTS Myrmidon BPO ME-0 PE-5 340M isk. It is located in ...2008.07.12 20:07:00
- Still looking. Wiling to buy BPC or prebuilt tower. Reply here or in game. ...2008.06.23 02:54:00
- Edited by: Silvenoshi on 22/06/2008 19:42:38 I am looking to buy a Shadow Control Tower Small bpc. ...2008.06.22 00:14:00
- Quick, Simple and Reliable service! Very professional. I recomend it 100%. ...2008.06.16 19:54:00
- I agree with Endrain, if there were more stuff to explore it would be more interesting. That is the ...2008.05.21 21:59:00
- I was wondering the requirements of a system to be able to claim Soverinty. I know there can be no N ...2008.02.27 04:31:00
- I have been trying to get the Eve client to load since the server came bak up. I installed the patch ...2007.06.20 20:33:00

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