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- By playing "dirty", are you referring to where we offered you a temp NIP, and came to the forums by ...2010.07.27 18:03:00
- just HTFU !!! The spacebook and the mineral rebalancing are pretty big already. Not to mention plane ...2010.04.25 15:57:00
- at 20AU/s if you could do it in one jump it would take about 9.5 years to get there!!! ... I don't e ...2010.04.19 07:38:00
- /signed ...2010.04.19 07:25:00
- no freaking way !!!! ...2010.04.09 12:46:00
- well that's not my intent.. I'm looking to get the look and feel of eve for external applications. ...2010.04.08 11:40:00
- *bumpage* ...2010.03.29 13:16:00
- @darius mclever ... what Charney said. But actually I was thinking of something even simpler. Someth ...2010.03.25 12:53:00
- Here's the thing... I know some people want to have add-ins for EVE Online the way you can have them ...2010.03.25 11:35:00
- I hereby petition CCP to ban "Tason Hyena Minmatar" from EVE on the grounds that he lacks the necess ...2010.02.28 16:54:00
- Well I agree with Mynxee but it's a bit more than what I personally want. I only use one pattern and ...2010.02.26 15:23:00
- /signed ...2010.02.26 15:17:00
- BOOO BOOO *flame flame flame* .... wait on second thought could you maybe emoragequit so that we can ...2010.02.26 15:10:00
- Ok so this is just the start of a proposal... I don't know if there's anything similar on the forums ...2010.02.26 15:02:00
- /signed ...2010.02.26 14:20:00

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