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- Agree with the opt-out of Aurum, don't mind the placement of the isk amount ...2011.06.25 02:00:00
- ..sip attack... There has probably been way WAY worse ideas on the table at CCP's that you don't ...2011.06.25 01:58:00
- Edited by: Max Sellmore on 01/12/2010 23:35:36 Edited by: Max Sellmore on 01/12/2010 23:35:16Bug wi ...2010.12.01 23:30:00
- One Amarr kit for me, please. Also would like the guide.Thanks! ...2010.11.19 21:54:00
- Quick question about this; I switched my link over, and now my wallet info is only being pulled from ...2010.10.21 22:21:00
- I would settle for being able to use ctrl-click to select multiple extractors, and then set a cycle ...2010.10.01 20:24:00
- tl;dr What we would like CCP to consider: * Continue developing features until they reach a pred ...2010.06.07 04:32:00
- I have following bug/problem:When trying to import player orders from files i'll get string not reco ...2010.05.24 18:54:00
- Bump to add my vote for such a useful tool. ...2010.05.24 16:07:00
- Two new files uploaded. This is the complete planet list. It's over 67k rows so I could only save it ...2010.05.18 21:44:00
- Edited by: Max Sellmore on 18/05/2010 21:24:32your comparison tool spits out a green number for a sh ...2010.05.18 21:18:00
- I am having the same issue. I am trying to use the EVEMon IGB server, but I cannot successfully tru ...2010.05.12 16:02:00
- ...progressions that can be looked at, but this indeed makes the Covetor a useless ship. Never had o ...2009.05.22 19:00:00

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