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- Edited by: Mr Rive on 11/06/2011 23:36:55 Shadoo + Zastrow was hilarious today. They were bickering ...2011.06.12 00:41:00
- Yeah I dont think I am ready for level 5s. But I still need money... Hold Hydra for ransom. Oh wait, ...2011.04.04 23:45:00
- It never destroyed rigs, so thats fine, but there is absolutely no reason why it should suddenly ref ...2011.01.21 22:42:00
- It doesn't remove them, it refuses to fit them. Completely idiotic change. ...2011.01.21 22:30:00
- I look forword to the new PLDOT to come P.A.N.D.E.M.I.C DOT, new alliance incoming soon! ...2010.10.29 19:14:00
- Edited by: Corvac on 17/07/2010 12:56:35 Wow...If OP is trolling, first troll to succeed on me. I a ...2010.07.17 12:56:00
- "We have one team (at this point) assigned to EVE Gate development and iteration, and that won‘t cha ...2010.07.16 18:56:00
- If you do choose to go for capitals, go for Gallente, as you say you are close to that and Caldari. ...2010.07.16 13:06:00
- Atlas are good pet masters, willing to sacrifice everything for their little ones. GF ...2010.07.07 16:57:00
- Gobbins got banned, does this mean he will lose out on a reward again? ...2010.06.20 21:44:00
- Free Gobbins! (And GNEEZ!) ...2010.06.20 20:46:00
- Petitioning the fact that I sold my Mimir. I want it back for the tourney. ...2010.06.19 20:37:00
- Nice ...2010.06.19 16:36:00
- During the rr bs fight there was also a line "here's us suiciding some geddons" or something like si ...2010.06.19 16:30:00
- 18b offered for Alky. ...2010.05.23 17:01:00

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