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- I'm paying $262.80 per year and, 6+ years in, still very much worth it. Better question is, if you d ...2011.07.03 12:39:00
- Shaken.(not stirred.) ...2011.06.25 13:19:00
- Did I mention I like the statistics ? And do you know statistics have this funny way of being more ...2010.08.26 21:31:00
- It's one thing to not want to use it because you don't NEED itHow could anyone need it? (Other than, ...2010.08.26 21:02:00
- Why is it impossible in eve to fire all turrets at once?I'm giv'n 'er all she's got Captain but the ...2010.08.19 19:55:00
- my orca takes a bloody year and a half to align...stupid cargo mods...If you're worried about quick ...2010.08.19 19:47:00
- as I asked, why are you still slumming it with us in Eve instead of stepping up to the FPS you think ...2010.08.16 15:48:00
- given the categorisations they've used for the competition, SS:SE (HD).I apologize, I thought you we ...2010.08.16 15:39:00
- It wasn't a contest for best online game on the planet, if you want to give them that award put some ...2010.08.16 15:16:00
- that's just you projecting.Actually that's me asking you a question. That bendy looking thing at the ...2010.08.16 15:14:00
- Either way, it doesn't change the fact that EVE was up against lame horsesSo your complaint is not t ...2010.08.16 14:53:00
- which non-European online game do you think is better than Eve?Serious Sam, Second Encounter, which, ...2010.08.16 14:39:00
- The point is that it's not much of an achievement if those you're running against have cement shoes. ...2010.08.16 14:16:00
- Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer, ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead, Battlefield 1943 and Perfect Dark… ...2010.08.16 14:05:00
- How the hell is Gallente suppost to keep up with anything when Minne ships just run circles around t ...2010.08.14 18:11:00

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