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- a good idea but there is a slight problem in the fact that wormholes are mass based, you ma end up h ...2009.01.27 11:35:00
- Edited by: Christofe on 26/01/2009 21:41:03 Here is an idea that would help this problem that peopl ...2009.01.27 11:25:00
- so far so good, still don't have an idea for my low and I'm getting the isk in so that I can start r ...2009.01.27 10:58:00
- You could do it this way, it would take time and make that mission runner sweat but as the poster ab ...2009.01.27 08:45:00
- Instead of reducing the Falcon's ability, perhaps they could just make Level 2 missions a little har ...2009.01.27 08:42:00
- It is completly unfair that you need to fit an otherwise useless module vs ECM. What do you think?I ...2009.01.26 21:56:00
- so let me see ... I jump into this little system here, open a cyno and get my mates behind enemy lin ...2009.01.26 20:56:00
- Edited by: Stele Toque on 26/01/2009 18:59:20 Edited by: Stele Toque on 26/01/2009 18:57:16 I'm he ...2009.01.26 20:49:00
- well if you wanted every man and his falcon alt to fit ECCM the logical choice would be to give the ...2009.01.26 20:40:00
- Oh brilliant. Now in my attempt to rescue them I have been fined and had my standings dented.Whoop d ...2009.01.26 12:23:00
- If you cut away those who are crying deliciously tasty tears you see a theme, its the rang that the ...2009.01.26 10:56:00
- Right, I've travelled to shafrak and back to get my poor succubus that has been gathering dust up th ...2009.01.26 10:48:00
- What's a falcon?A falcon is a bird of prey, used when you want to hunt but have a pressing need to l ...2009.01.25 20:16:00
- Avatar with a Cloak?I believe this man has the answer.... ...2009.01.20 11:43:00
- reason to own the orca: One of the coolest looking ships in the game. The fact that it is a mini-fre ...2009.01.20 11:15:00

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