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- Well, I really take this move like a good news! You recongnize the importance of players for EVE and ...2011.07.07 17:53:00
- Edited by: Benjamin Hamburg on 23/06/2011 00:30:58 Dear CCP,I feel realy sorry for what I'm about t ...2011.06.23 00:29:00
- Ship Warp Speed: from 3 AU/S to 3.75 AU/s Dramiel It's too fast. Obvious dev is obvious. Specifi ...2011.06.21 13:13:00
- Edited by: Benjamin Hamburg on 08/05/2011 06:33:28 Happy birthday!Quafe is good. Quafe is for you.I ...2011.05.08 06:32:00
- 1) Place high-end moon in higher ss systems. (Or raise the ss of systems where high-end/rare moon ar ...2011.03.29 00:22:00
- As a new player myself, the thing I find the funniest is to kill older player...With 7 mil skillpoin ...2011.03.22 12:20:00
- Edited by: Benjamin Hamburg on 19/02/2011 04:55:37 There are also a lack of frigate if we compare t ...2011.02.19 04:54:00
- Price is not, and can not be, a balancing factor. Just look at supercaps.We are not talking about t ...2011.02.19 04:38:00
- I do kind of want but how do you make it suck enough to not make every other ship in the game obso ...2011.02.18 03:02:00
- The Frigate range is already completely saturated, there's over 60 different frigate class ships in ...2011.02.17 22:35:00
- Edited by: Benjamin Hamburg on 17/02/2011 21:08:38 A novel way to think about this would be the fol ...2011.02.17 21:03:00
- Yes, actually there is only 1 sort of subsystems skill. Either we take these working for an hypothet ...2011.02.17 17:13:00
- Like other have said, a compatible browser could be sufficient.But having an app dedicated to eve ga ...2011.02.17 16:55:00
- keep in mind that the skills for the smaller t3 would need lower multipliers than cruiser, you wou ...2011.02.17 16:49:00
- Iv decided to present the idea to the CSM.New thread can be found here: ...2011.02.17 16:29:00

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