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- to five when you canMining drones to 5 and ...2011.09.01 23:51:00
- It is perfectly possible to initiate jump or bridge from high-sec to a cyno (covert or otherwise) in ...2011.08.29 00:36:00
- Yes ive done research but not with much luck. As you state it seems like its not a very good option. ...2011.08.28 06:34:00
- Edited by: Jason McCoy on 28/08/2011 06:26:31 Please note: Cynos can't be generated in hi-sec space ...2011.08.28 06:25:00
- Either shield or armor skills are about onpar. Still cant use t2 torp launchers but training in that ...2011.08.28 01:02:00
- If your orca pilot is maxed skilled, your cycle seems off. My maxed out orca pilot with mindlink imp ...2011.08.26 22:20:00
- Its Eve, where the impossible is possible.Take for example the erebus, look at its drone capacity, n ...2011.08.26 22:15:00
- The intention is within a week or two to be triple boxing in a fleet.One basi, one mael and the gang ...2011.08.25 21:21:00
- Command processor is a mid slot module.I thought by adding the command processor would open up an ad ...2011.08.25 20:44:00
- Seems like it will work on an orca because it is in fact a capital industrial ship and command proce ...2011.08.25 20:12:00
- Edited by: Jason McCoy on 25/08/2011 20:08:38 if you use comand processors you can fit more linksi ...2011.08.25 19:59:00
- Yah I was thinking about command ships, sadly he aint qualified to fly one and training into one wou ...2011.08.25 19:06:00
- is this used at all?I plan on training my alt into siege warfare link specialist lvl 4 in order to g ...2011.08.25 18:07:00
- Scourge is doing crappy right now, look at havocs. Also read my thread regarding the production effi ...2011.05.17 08:33:00
- Apologize for not replying sooner. Now keep in mind I got my minerals from reprocessing the loot t ...2011.05.17 08:29:00

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