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- So many of these ideas involve people paying to remove artificial inconveniences like the skill queu ...2011.06.27 15:35:00
- No to microtransactions. ...2011.06.26 20:00:00
- Sex toys in the shape of popular Gallente ships *cough* Thorax ...2011.06.26 15:37:00
- 1 PLEXed account left to expire 1 $ account cancelled. ...2011.06.26 15:30:00
- As you say, I like everything that was added (apart from the noble store), but there needed to be mo ...2011.06.24 06:14:00
- X - can't afford to run the air conditioning all day to keep my room cool enough when my computer is ...2011.06.23 21:41:00
- I despise bling in RL, I equally despise it in game. I suspect my Aurum wallet will never peak above ...2011.06.22 16:38:00
- Starting again is a really bad idea, trust me. I have been playing on and off since 2004, and every ...2011.06.20 21:15:00
- Yeah this is working as intended. The idea is that you are telling a broker you want X amount of pro ...2011.06.03 05:06:00
- I'm with Akita T on this one - trade, forums, profit! To be honest you should seek out a group of li ...2011.05.24 16:03:00
- Can I suggest in future that the email be made to look like the other official CCP emails such as th ...2011.05.20 01:34:00
- I would like to see local gone, but it would need to be replaced with something almost as useful.I c ...2011.05.05 02:22:00
- Asymmetric designs are inefficient. There is no drag in space, but there is inertia. Asymetric ships ...2011.04.30 00:31:00
- It's a testament to the hard work the devs and community managers put in to the game that I and many ...2011.04.30 00:21:00
- Why not time dilate cynos but register the rate at which people are entering the cyno and reduce the ...2011.04.27 20:55:00

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