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- You can make a nice profit in that kind of situation if you're not too close to a trade hub. Have fu ...2010.03.30 21:33:00
- That was the answer I was afraid of. Thanks for the input.Its a pity that something so much fun shou ...2010.03.30 21:23:00
- Have you called up info on the ones you think are BPO's in case you mixed them up?Have you looked in ...2010.03.29 23:38:00
- Edited by: Sep''Shoni on 29/03/2010 21:25:27 I am rather disappointed that so many people want to f ...2010.03.29 21:25:00
- Good idea. ...2010.03.29 21:19:00
- In the brief period while mining something other than Scordite, Plagio, and/or veldspar was worth it ...2010.03.29 21:09:00
- I'm not quite that desperate, but it would be a great convenience to be able to dump my minerals int ...2010.02.11 01:17:00
- Not supported.I'm a terribly timid carebear with zilch for PVP skills and even less interest. I like ...2010.02.11 01:08:00
- If it could be made to work reasonably it would be a boon to both the wise seller and the buyer who ...2010.02.10 16:24:00
- Many good ideas in this one. ...2010.02.09 19:44:00
- Not supported.We already pay market fees on our orders.Corps earn isk from their missioners and get ...2010.02.09 14:37:00
- I love that "distant waterfall" sound of the strip miners (the screechy woowoowoo of the ice harvest ...2010.02.09 00:21:00
- Manufacturing will make you a ton of isk if you know what you're doing and lose you a ton of isk if ...2010.02.08 23:44:00
- What's the point and purpose of this?If my corp mates or fleet mates need to know that I'm going AFK ...2010.02.07 19:59:00
- ... most High skill miners will be in lower sec mining the higher ends and won't be in highsec minin ...2010.02.07 19:23:00

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