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- Slap chop : YOUR GONNA LOVE MY NUTS ...2011.06.09 14:56:00
- I like caramel and nuts on my ice cream. ...2011.06.07 16:03:00
- Ive decided not to use them anymore, ill let the general public decide if its a question or remark.I ...2011.06.06 15:45:00
- lol, i guess you did take your pills this morning. Keep up the good work Duurr, your mom should be p ...2011.06.06 15:42:00
- You obviously have to much time on your hands...other then that, thanks for the correction its noted ...2011.06.06 15:26:00
- Hey Aerion, whats up bro?You do realise the majority of E115 bad rep comes from a select few players ...2011.06.06 14:57:00
- Wanted, for killing carebears! ...2011.06.06 14:40:00
- Flipping the bird at society! ...2011.06.03 15:38:00
- Up! ...2011.06.02 13:53:00
- Yeah Durr, quit the side tracking. Let's get back on topic to how Element 115dot got kicked from Ra ...2011.06.02 03:02:00
- lol, ya i guess you would know about ratting caps/SC.....I think we have all seen the KM.Anyhow quit ...2011.06.01 18:20:00
- Duurr, you take your meds this morning??Your numbers are off, besides i never thought countng was yo ...2011.06.01 16:56:00
- Update, depending on the interested parties, i have 3 guaranted SC pilots with Supers following me.h ...2011.06.01 16:52:00
- Yes, not a big deal in my eyes, was a personal titan meaning the pilot purchased it by himself. So h ...2011.06.01 15:47:00
- Simple enough the reason for being "rejected" our CEO promised more numbers then we anticipated, we ...2011.06.01 03:39:00

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