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- Very positive experience purchasing a new w-space home via Lucius as 3rd party. Professionally hand ...2011.08.30 03:16:00
- Edited by: Cipher Jones on 22/08/2011 16:25:14 If you scan for wormholes in hisec you will find onl ...2011.08.22 19:41:00
- You can recenter the system view by left-clicking on a probe name, planet name, bookmark name, etc. ...2011.08.15 15:25:00
- I've not used the test server much, but is it possible/permissible to simply do a "move me" request ...2011.08.10 20:09:00
- Scoto Timta,75,83,85,123,139,144,56 ...2011.07.26 16:13:00
- The CSM is allot more informed than the rest of us, they know things we dont, surprise surprise if t ...2011.07.13 21:00:00
- And the one of the worst things is (i can't find that quote, but its there somewhere) that some cs ...2011.07.13 18:41:00
- Once when I was living in a C2, we had a K162 from some hisec system. Then we opened our static hise ...2011.07.12 19:59:00
- I've had wormholes that were over 6 AU from the nearest planet, so 5 AU ain't the limit for them. F ...2011.05.05 15:24:00
- All signatures/anomalies spawn within 4au from an planet (both in normal and whspace). Almost true. ...2011.05.02 17:40:00
- A good PDF alternative for just the static map info is Ombey's Maps. ...2011.04.23 18:30:00
- Clear them out. Stimulate respawns elsewhere so other people can do the same and thus send sites bac ...2011.04.19 14:26:00
- I've been scanning since the old chance-based system. With the new system, I have NEVER needed more ...2011.04.13 20:15:00
- I applaud your attempt to be creative, but I think you have some difficult challenges to overcome.Th ...2011.03.09 20:42:00
- Scoto, would there happen to be a public channel for this? Not that I know about. Our corp used to ...2011.01.21 15:38:00

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