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- Anyone that have an idea ? I was thinking around 30 ish Bill ? ...2010.12.16 21:59:00
- Hey, anyone that would be so nice to have a look at this char and give a little shout out for a pric ...2010.12.14 21:32:00
- Denmark, kicked like 5 times now. Giving up. ...2009.12.09 17:32:00
- To Laki Onori ...2009.11.08 18:17:00
- I find it that it is the guys that wanna bust the camp, that use a wrong tactic, loads of bs, BC and ...2009.07.07 16:20:00
- In regards to the tactic laid out in this topic, if it isn't classified as an exploit, then there sh ...2009.07.07 15:51:00
- Yes you can use the drake in a system for a short period, just hope your targets don't have a covert ...2009.07.07 10:49:00
- Ok, because i think you will have a hard time in 0,6. And i still think a BC will be easy enough to ...2009.07.07 10:33:00
- Remote ?? You would get aggro as well i think. But still with remote i think you would be scanned do ...2009.07.07 09:51:00
- I belive your math is right, it should not be hard to tank spawns in 0,5, but you talked about 0,6 a ...2009.07.07 08:51:00
- Well you make lots of claims, and never answer them, you just make new claims and lower the bar.. Ma ...2009.07.07 07:04:00
- Ohh and Furb try and scan down a drake or vulture as well, see how many sec it takes for a good prob ...2009.07.07 06:36:00
- So if they are a helping hand, how about making them actually help? And no keeping 2 logistics (or i ...2009.07.07 06:25:00
- So first you say 0,5, 0,6 and higher.. Now it is only 0,5 that is the problem, you have to make up ...2009.07.06 17:22:00
- Ok Furb, how did it go against 7 FW police spawns in 0,6 ? You are still just making things up you h ...2009.07.06 17:09:00

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