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- To be honest, the first time I read about T3 Cruisers I was suprised (and disapointed if I recall) t ...2010.01.18 11:20:00
- off topic. ~Weatherman ...2008.10.15 20:56:00
-* Reliable, my site hasn't been down once in over a year. * Fast * Cheap ( ...2008.10.03 19:41:00
- Daniel Jackson was always pretty cool whenever I ran into him. Funny guy to talk to. All the persona ...2008.06.17 03:47:00
- The whole "Soon™" thing has been around. I remember using it every time a dev would give us some tim ...2008.05.25 05:44:00
- I was disappointed. I have a friend that is a huge Indy fan and I can only imagine what he is gonna ...2008.05.24 08:51:00
- Keep your personal hanger empty by utilizing containers. Then, get some empty containers and name th ...2007.11.01 21:00:00
- Edited by: chrisreeves on 16/10/2007 23:14:47 I hope you don't want them to actually reply cause al ...2007.10.16 23:15:00
- \\0 0// \0/Hooray for the 7950GT YAY!! ...2007.10.16 23:13:00
- Edited by: chrisreeves on 14/10/2007 17:30:57 While I don't know this entire process there is anoth ...2007.10.14 17:31:00
- No, im practicing what I would say in the event this was real. ...2007.10.12 23:27:00
- O M GPlease OP, go self destruct your account.No, seriously, do it. ...2007.10.12 23:25:00
- Best to wait until you have the standings where you need them and anchor the tower before bringing a ...2007.10.08 00:02:00
- This is shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels, and from seeing quite a few shops in my time. ...2007.10.02 01:40:00
- should be able to use a dreadnaught on that t ...2007.09.30 17:50:00

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