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- f5f5f5f5Got a few offers, will decide one tonight. If you want to give me an offer, contact me asap. ...2011.01.24 19:08:00
- Been inactive for a few months, returned just today. I'm looking for a corp that fits the following ...2011.01.23 17:14:00
- It's merely a higher chance to spawn in better truesec. I've heard it's even possible for them to sp ...2010.03.05 13:43:00
- I've never tried scanning in highsec, but if you scan in losec/0.0 you'll find a wormhole in pretty ...2010.03.04 23:24:00
- Yet another bump. Still keeping on the regular murder and mayhem, sporting over 90% efficiency and k ...2010.03.01 10:30:00
- Bump. ...2010.02.08 18:39:00
- We are an extremely small corporation looking for pilots with the right mindset for close-knit teamw ...2010.02.07 18:25:00
- Still recruiting. Few new members, expanding our operations, join while you can. Bump'd ...2009.12.11 23:14:00
- Edited by: Dreadchain on 12/12/2009 16:52:25Nigerian Export inc is recruiting all kinds of shady pil ...2009.12.09 23:18:00
- Passive tanking often refers to passive shield tanking, which can reach quite surprising amounts of ...2009.11.12 17:20:00
- I used to find grav belts all the time in less populated regions. I've never witnessed anything bett ...2009.10.27 18:02:00
- About me: -Cruiser/Frigate specialist(AFs, BCs, HACs preferred). I can fly most Gallente combat shi ...2009.10.13 17:51:00
- We need moar people. ...Actually, we don't, we've noticed a subtle loss of members in our target cor ...2009.07.05 18:21:00
- Edited by: Dreadchain on 04/07/2009 13:32:00 We are a freshly formed corporation. We are currently ...2009.07.04 12:25:00
- Neeeeeerf nerf nerf neerf. ...2009.02.13 05:05:00

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