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- The idea in the orginal box set was that you could evolve into a Jove buy setting your genes reseque ...2007.02.19 17:41:00
- I just hope they make the designs make a little more sense. The engines are all wrong for newtonian ...2007.02.17 10:35:00
- You need chokepoints in order to have battles. If you remove chokepoints, players will simply seek o ...2007.02.17 10:30:00
- T3 better not require T2.because that would be ridiculous :)It would be a bad idea if T3 required 10 ...2007.02.12 16:01:00
- Short answer to thread. No. CCP don't understand their own market.Long answer: The market works anyw ...2007.02.11 23:08:00
- ~ Not to mention that since we have a back story, that really limits what one can create through ima ...2007.02.07 10:47:00
- There's nothing wrong with asymmetrical engines. They are simply not equally powerful. Why ship desi ...2007.02.03 09:42:00
- I really wish that one man only had one character. That's how I play, but God knows I am at a disadv ...2007.01.28 10:20:00
- Edited by: Destiny Calling on 26/01/2007 15:22:01 Grunt 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8edit my info is the same ...2007.01.26 15:49:00
- The contract interface could use some clarification TBH. I had to make a trial with a corp mate to f ...2007.01.26 11:15:00
- Regardless of the arguments for PvP, exploration, and whatever, at least shared missions would be an ...2007.01.26 09:16:00
- The pod has all sorts of built-in filters to make the void feel a bit less hostile for the pilot. Fo ...2007.01.26 09:14:00
- have you considered using some existing forum softwares? i'm sure something can be worked out with ...2007.01.26 09:10:00
- Edited by: Za Po on 26/01/2007 09:13:32 1. Client interface freezes. I'm tired of windows taking se ...2007.01.25 16:24:00
- The problem is not with people that "don't want to fight". The problem is with people that don't wan ...2007.01.25 16:10:00

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