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- You guys have missed a crucial point here and that is: CCP have yet to clarify there intentions as t ...2011.07.03 06:54:00
- Well its unfortunate that it had to involve so much drama, but I am back on board.I think that CCP g ...2011.07.03 06:45:00
- Some people got their hands on CCP corporate tax reports (and general status reports) as they are pu ...2011.06.30 08:01:00
- Don't worry CCP are fast becoming a Joke in the industry. The only event's they'll be attending next ...2011.06.26 16:17:00
- I have friends staying who build my ships, I have the faction ships I want and can fly, I'm high sec ...2011.06.26 16:12:00
- downloading perpertuum and world of tanks, give em both a try been protesting for 12 hours in eve, t ...2011.06.26 01:07:00
- It looks to be what EVE "Used to" beWe will see ; ] ...2011.06.25 22:49:00
- Are you moving beyond VANITY AUR items?CCP ZULU DO YOU SEE THE QUESTION ABOVE?CAN YOU READ IT? GOOD, ...2011.06.25 20:56:00
- yes this is exactly what we need, people to be aware of the uprising and cry on the forums until CCP ...2011.06.25 18:47:00
- COSMETIC ONLY ...2011.06.25 15:00:00
- *Sigh* ok fine on my way to Jita or Amarr..... was kinda hoping to work a bit on my Mob Grinder in ...2011.06.25 13:45:00
- Are there plans to have Micro Transactions effect Gameplay? Can't be assed to serch for if its been ...2011.06.25 13:42:00
- Hilmar, **** or get off the pot. ...2011.06.25 02:36:00
- John save EVE!!! ...2011.06.25 00:55:00
- Edited by: Mordrake on 25/06/2011 00:11:26 Edited by: Mordrake on 25/06/2011 00:10:18 I'm afraid t ...2011.06.25 00:10:00

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