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- Don't forget the $100,000 razor Linkage ...2011.08.28 00:16:00
- I miss the freeways inside the stations too. Remember those? Greater variety in station interiors, ...2011.08.10 17:24:00
- While I would love to see new ship designs I think it'd be just as cool to get classic ship designs, ...2011.08.09 00:44:00
- I know I want my InterBus backdrop back. For that matter, it'd be nice to see more recognizable corp ...2011.08.09 00:40:00
- Edited by: Metal Icarus on 08/08/2011 21:44:14 Yes.... play with my kitten... IT WILL BE YOUR LAST! ...2011.08.08 21:50:00
- I'm confirming this, or adding myself to the list of people that have been noticing problems. I've b ...2011.08.07 14:28:00
- Edited by: Sgt Maru on 05/08/2011 22:12:32 Haha, not very often, I've found that the InterBus trans ...2011.08.05 22:12:00
- +1 I support this, the CQ is quite empty, and when the commons area is open along with businesses, e ...2011.08.05 22:00:00
- Edited by: Sgt Maru on 04/08/2011 22:05:52 Well I can't provide links to the source, but I can conf ...2011.08.04 22:05:00
- Thanks for the reply, looks like I have the OK so long as I keep things reasonable (I don't think I ...2011.08.03 03:32:00
- This makes me wonder how much my Millifenigs are worth :\ ...2011.08.02 00:43:00
- So I've been really getting into the RP aspect of EVE, and I've even started writing, but I've got s ...2011.08.02 00:07:00
- Youtube search for the old EVE intro, it's good stuff. ...2011.08.01 12:59:00
- I don't think that opening up Jive to regular players is a good idea, but I would like to see GMs an ...2011.08.01 12:55:00
- Sgt Maru; 15,161,166,141,140,77,23,46/75,27,31 ...2011.07.31 17:00:00

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