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- same here....not updated info or nothing. Not sure what is going on. ...2010.05.13 11:57:00
- Shesh this is taking a long time, you'd think they'd send an update on progress or how many petition ...2010.05.10 21:18:00
- All I can say it that I came back to EVE to play the market to fund my PVP. I was even given one of ...2010.05.08 13:14:00
- Some of you that are making a joke about this wouldn't be laughing if it were you that was affected. ...2010.05.07 22:14:00
- Can they stop the server until they fix it. If I am having issues then many many more are. The more ...2010.05.07 22:07:00
- good. hope they rollback to this morning when I had my stuff!! ...2010.05.07 22:01:00
- I delivered 3 ships from manufacturing into my station. When I came home after the DB failure they a ...2010.05.07 21:32:00

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