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- Edited by: Linavin on 17/04/2009 16:50:36 The Tempest and ScorpBoth have been sucking for a while. ...2009.04.17 16:50:00
- I'd agree ECM drones are currently out of line with other EW drones, as well as being slightly too p ...2009.04.07 01:37:00
- Leave newish Caldari characters with something to do in sniper fleets - please.Isn't that the reason ...2009.04.03 20:18:00
- Edited by: Linavin on 02/04/2009 19:50:48 It (the Scorpion) definitely had a role and a place and w ...2009.04.02 18:48:00
- Re: the scorpion change:This was a tough call, the close range role would have been great for gang w ...2009.03.31 16:58:00
- Kill them with fire. I don't care that I'll lose SP. They are the biggest waste of time and a comple ...2009.02.05 22:26:00
- Passive Ishtar if you want a good capless tank that you don't need to worry about, albiet you'll nee ...2008.12.01 21:28:00
- Good to see your having some fun passie ...2007.11.22 06:15:00
- Edited by: Linavin on 21/11/2007 03:55:57 obviously you didn't play before the turret trackignEven ...2007.11.21 03:56:00
- Edited by: Linavin on 21/11/2007 03:33:40 Rules of Internet Spaceship Dicussion Forums1. Never use ...2007.11.21 03:30:00
- Im glad you've found such a wealth of writing material in low sec. Its me all nostalgic about my ear ...2007.11.01 23:57:00
- Add in the fact that you need BPOs to make BPCs so you can invent golems in the first place.... ...2007.10.27 01:51:00
- You do realize theres no mods actually seeded for sale (at 100 isk) in jita on sisi. Those are left ...2007.10.19 01:27:00
- Not sure if anyones already told you or not but cap rechargers and cap power relays are on the wrong ...2007.10.10 17:03:00
- Im rapidly refreshing the page to see all of your sigs (I want one)Oh and Streamlined client = Win ...2007.10.10 04:24:00

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