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- Just don't accept that contract to haul those little furry creatures... ROFL I remember that one, t ...2011.07.14 16:25:00
- This is a drink me and a couple buddies came up with back in our Navy days.It's called a San 2 Blow ...2011.07.08 19:25:00
- Hair of the dog. ...2011.07.08 18:58:00
- Checked the patch notes, didn't see any mention of a salvager range bonus.Checked the ship descripti ...2011.06.22 19:33:00
- Thank ...2011.06.12 06:13:00
- After playing this game for almost three years, I've learned a few things that I use in real life.1. ...2011.04.21 16:08:00
- Some of the details are a bit fuzzy, but here it goes:- Apple IIe I think, I remember it being an Ap ...2011.04.14 16:18:00
- Let's see:- I have a 24" Samsung LCD monitor. - My portable work phone. - 2 Craftsman rolling tool ...2011.04.14 15:56:00
- Edited by: Marie Hartinez on 15/02/2011 16:34:06 Since the release of the third installment of Incu ...2011.02.11 17:06:00
- @Eternum Praetorian"You did WHAT?!! Bring me the gimp suit" ...2011.01.20 22:57:00
- @Candy Lijong"WOW, you are amazingly stupid"@Akazan"Yes dear, tonight you will be Daddy's little b-i ...2011.01.20 05:57:00
- Go with Heavy Neutron Blaster II and either antimatter or faction antimatter. I normally use Fed Nav ...2010.12.23 16:50:00
- Was going to calls dibs first, but got beat. Stupid keyboard. Anything the poster above doesn't want ...2010.09.02 21:08:00
- "Doctor, Doctor, my arm hurts when I move it like -this-!""Then don't move it like -that-!" ...2010.09.01 05:25:00
- *Came in expecting celebrity roasts and left hungry. looks at turkey and ham sandwich and crys* ...2010.08.30 19:57:00

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