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- Maybe before you start reading Dune, probably read the "prequels" to Dune first.God no. They suck. K ...2008.07.15 07:51:00
- Edited by: Tauscha Vald''or on 13/07/2008 07:36:41 Arthur C. Clarke, the Rama series.Only the ones ...2008.07.13 07:32:00
- Gubbermint Cheese. ...2008.07.13 01:15:00
- 20 episodes, with the first half starting in April. No word on when the 2nd half will air.Honestly, ...2008.02.15 04:35:00
- Edited by: Toasted Trucker on 13/02/2008 21:05:14 LOSE. IT IS LOSE, NOT LOOSE.If you lose your pant ...2008.02.14 02:49:00
- Opinions?You are ugly.I kid, I kid. ...2008.02.13 02:24:00
- HAHAHAA.Granted that would have sucked when I was a teen...being productive and all, not standing ar ...2008.02.13 02:23:00
- Why did it eat a PT Cruiser? ...2008.02.13 02:20:00
- Yeah because we can just leave our babies in the house alone. Sorry some of us have kids and we n ...2007.10.18 02:32:00
- Ugh, tell me about it. Worst is the people who absolutely insist on taking their babies EVERYWHERE w ...2007.10.18 02:29:00
- draggin' my heart around. ...2007.10.18 02:14:00
- I wasn't Mac only, it was CROSS PLATFORM! w00t! ...2007.10.13 03:45:00
- Why do you have a Ukelele Orchestra and why is it so damn cool? ...2007.10.12 06:08:00
- Responsibility is a hell of a thing. Develop it.I've got an down to the kid, that sound ...2007.10.12 06:05:00
- my kids used to have a computer, they were told they couldn't do certain things with it(go on certai ...2007.10.12 04:32:00

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