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- i think someone lost a very expensive ship that was T1 fitted..lawl carebear tears.. the best onesI ...2009.08.12 04:41:00
- lol errol flynn ***, you watch too much tv.ROFL! protip: i don't watch tv. also: Don't confuse a cul ...2009.08.12 00:46:00
- How can you be so cruel to a romantic carecat's most cherished illusions? Lol when I meet a true, sw ...2009.08.12 00:21:00
- There are no true pirates in internetz spaceshipz.. Just low-sec gate-ganking tossbags with nothing ...2009.08.11 23:47:00
- Do the HIC's and regular interdictors come with penalties to their bubbles??I find it rather ridicul ...2009.08.11 23:38:00
- Low-sec gatecampers are the scum and filth of the universe and should be castrated and executed.Unfo ...2009.08.11 03:29:00
- Wait.. wat?You've got assault launchers and autocannons???also: where are you dronez? ...2009.07.29 05:14:00
- Curiously.. another MMO company *cough*myth1c*cough* have a 2-tier password system. A primary accoun ...2009.07.29 02:29:00
- Edited by: Junkzinat0r on 28/07/2009 04:50:51 Junkz, your "structure" signatures are that tower and ...2009.07.28 04:50:00
- I have a question about probing in Wspace you guys might be able to assist me with.I ventured into a ...2009.07.28 02:14:00
- I always said, if I ever decided to fly a battleship for any reason, it would be the mighty and maje ...2005.07.01 17:09:00
- Well.. Isn't that rude. They seem to have left you out of their briefing, Kallistan.Mores the pity f ...2005.02.16 10:59:00
- Edited by: Junkzinat0r on 16/02/2005 10:40:39 I'd be interested to know what the language of God's ...2005.02.16 10:40:00
- Edited by: Junkzinat0r on 16/02/2005 10:21:07 ... Last evening two slavers, Mikkel and Skurerer of ...2005.02.16 10:19:00
- You should not be cowed by these minmatar. The Amarran people are the Chosen of God. Those who bow d ...2005.02.16 09:58:00

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