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- One for me, Seth Allasatre, please. ...2009.08.16 05:05:00
- Wow, it's true what they say: all it takes is 1 ticket and a dream!Grats, yarrr, and all the other w ...2009.07.13 07:47:00
- Edited by: Seth Allasatre on 30/05/2009 23:01:55 I had the same problem on Vista 32. My desktop re ...2009.05.30 23:02:00
- I'll take it, please. ...2009.05.04 11:13:00
- 1 for me, Seth Allasatre, please. ...2009.05.04 11:12:00
- One for me, Seth Allasatre, please. ...2009.01.03 23:56:00
- One for me, Seth Allasatre, please. ...2009.01.03 23:51:00
- Hmm just got back from work haven't tried eve yet but to clarify: Im in florida on the gulf coast an ...2008.06.20 03:18:00
- Is routing really that difficult to understand? Let's say you are driving to the movies and have to ...2008.06.20 00:57:00
- I am sure it is the patch. Everything worked fine till they deployed it. What ever has happened, I a ...2008.06.20 00:32:00
- It doesn't seem to be a patch issue - I've DCd 6 times in two hours and didn't download the patch.It ...2008.06.19 22:37:00
- The drone and docking issue occur for me on a regular basis. I've learned never to dock and go AFK w ...2008.06.09 21:06:00

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