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- The Drake is not overpowered. Performance-wise, it fits perfectly in-between good cruisers and battl ...2010.10.25 17:18:00
- The Vargur is already one of the best and most flexible Marauders due to it's ammo versatility and i ...2010.09.14 12:01:00
- And learn how to write "capital". Capitol ships are where the Gallente Senate has meetings. They can ...2010.09.08 14:21:00
- I think the best solution to the whole issue would be to limit the number of capitals that can jump ...2010.08.13 12:02:00
- A suggestion came up a while back for dumpster diving, where everything that gets trashed in a stati ...2010.08.13 11:46:00
- Just go NBSI, instead of NRDS. Problem solved. No confusion. It is grey? You shoot it. It is orange ...2010.08.13 11:38:00
- More excellence supported ...2010.08.01 19:52:00
- There are many options for that. One solution would be to:First make everyone invisible in 0.0 local ...2010.07.30 08:36:00
- First, that inter-alliance combat relies on blobbing and large numbers.No, really? Wow... Impressive ...2010.07.30 08:18:00
- 1. Everything that makes fleet fights more boring than many of them already are by turning individua ...2010.07.26 02:55:00
- I unsubscribed with 23 days or so left to play. It told me it will unsub me when my natural playtime ...2010.07.22 03:52:00
- I had a similar idea and I think the concept is not bad. It is a bit one sided, though.I'd refine it ...2010.07.20 15:27:00
- Do you think that the players that don't go into lowsec do so because they are too stupid to find it ...2010.07.09 12:01:00
- You already HAD an advantage that you keep having because no one is taking away the skills you alrea ...2010.07.07 15:20:00
- Arthur McInavaderson the third: "Hello, dear Sir. I bid thou greetings. I would very much like to in ...2010.07.04 14:45:00

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