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- 2. T2 Inferno Javelin torpedo bpo me:2 pl:1offer of 3.7bil in-game... for highest bid keep them comi ...2010.06.06 22:39:00
- There's a few people on the board that will do this, you just gotta look around a bit, initial costs ...2010.05.26 17:55:00
- Nice toon but I got one question... Starting Bid: 17 Bill Bid Increments: 250 mill Reserve: 20 bi ...2010.05.25 04:59:00
- 3.1 Bil in game bid. post here or it didn't happen. ...2010.05.21 05:43:00
- no end ? Nope, just gotta keep bidding till someone hits the buyout. ...2010.05.21 02:40:00
- offers will start on the highest buy order in jita currently...bidding will go until b/o is met or a ...2010.05.20 00:44:00
- That is kind of a crazy price in all fairness, even when compared to jita market you could get the s ...2010.05.19 04:02:00
- Edited by: FILORO on 13/05/2010 20:41:43 Nice toon, definatly worth more then 7.5Bil. Ok. I will r ...2010.05.14 00:39:00
- Watching You sure are watching a lot, have you made a decision on which toon you're gonna buy? Just ...2010.05.13 00:38:00
- Dounox, you might want to have a look here before you continue with this sale http://www.eveonline. ...2010.02.24 11:36:00
- You have 4 idle midslots, and an inherent bonus to resists. Your ship cost as much as a mid-grade b ...2007.12.19 08:20:00
- Anybody else think its an exploit to anchor towers and leave them offline at every moon in highsec, ...2007.12.18 22:17:00
- Edited by: TrafficControl on 18/12/2007 01:59:34 Edited by: TrafficControl on 18/12/2007 01:55:46 ...2007.12.18 01:55:00
- The Ishtar need some fitting love as you cant fit 3 med guns and Armor repair, ab at the sametime.Mu ...2007.12.18 01:13:00

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