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- Well, I don't mean to fuel a pointless debate here...but I can report honestly and without any sort ...2006.05.12 18:39:00
- Edited by: Caeden Nicomachean on 12/05/2006 17:07:14 Good fights lately Contraband, kudos. ...2006.05.12 12:18:00
- Edited by: Caeden Nicomachean on 11/05/2006 06:58:19I hope the alt isn't one of ours, if we find out ...2006.05.11 06:51:00
- Could do could do - never can tell what might go down.Heck, Huzzah there have a salty, Mos Eisley sm ...2006.05.10 18:33:00
- *grins at Hans*Hows Catch? ...2006.05.10 14:49:00
- So... Dust off those gunz, come up with cunning tactics, AND most importantly, defend your Allianc ...2006.05.09 05:46:00
- I'm sure you leaders are delighted...Always steps up the game to have a noteworthy opponent. Hard t ...2006.05.08 06:05:00
- A game can't break a card. Period.No ifs, ands, or buts.Normally I'd agree with you, but video ca ...2006.01.16 02:22:00
- Not saying this is directly linked to your own problems - but worth investigating?Sorry, but this is ...2006.01.15 21:14:00
- Well, whatever it is, it certainly isolated to the card now.Did a fresh install on a second HD, on a ...2006.01.15 00:46:00
- Glad yours is PCI-E, mine is 6800 Ultra AGP and I was digging through registry crap trying to figure ...2006.01.14 21:50:00
- Are you guys also aware of the 6800 users that are now having trouble even booting?http://myeve.eve- ...2006.01.14 19:23:00
- Edited by: Caeden Nicomachean on 14/01/2006 17:22:38 Same card. Same problem, since the patch the ...2006.01.14 16:36:00
- Please take it and thank the agent a million and one times... Out of the at least 50k people who cho ...2006.01.11 06:58:00
- Domi is insurable and flexible, ascan fit a rack of rails or several heavy NOS - mebbe fill up the m ...2006.01.11 06:51:00

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