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- Garmonation 8 is 300MB and 35mins long.mvk or **** off. Even then... ...2011.06.15 12:45:00
- the Typhoon... a drone bay as big as a domiNot even half the size actually. But probably the second ...2011.06.15 11:49:00
- Nightmare, Maelstrom, Machariel all dish out the dps and look cool with huge shield boost. Also rail ...2011.06.14 12:03:00
- Leman Russ Battle Tank is boss, but needs more Heavy Bolters IMHO ...2011.06.14 11:57:00
- Needs mwd, need tackle. Also plug your thermal resist hole. ...2011.06.14 00:57:00
- He rolls in an officer fit Vindi, FRAPSs well, and won an Utu but presumably not an Adrestria... any ...2011.06.13 22:44:00
- Because AB armour HACs don't do that either... ...2011.06.12 21:59:00
- The tengu ****es all over the loki for w-space pve. The loki doesn't even have an active repping bon ...2011.06.12 21:56:00
- Edited by: Niveon on 12/06/2011 21:09:37 Sounds like a Guardian-Vexor No that would be 5 short, mu ...2011.06.12 21:08:00
- Wormholes, 'awoxing'/spies, or just rush/smash past such a camp with enough buffer/dps, then roam/cy ...2011.06.12 21:05:00
- The first 5 mins is a sick Mach paintjob (black with red text decals) intro... followed by a carrier ...2011.06.12 11:57:00
- The Keres only get's bonus to Disruptor I believe, so doesn't do much for Scramming, and that's what ...2011.06.12 11:27:00
- Winmatar, also gets you Blood Raiders stuff. ...2011.06.11 22:16:00
- Take a T2 fit c3 tengu, swap out as many rigs, mids and lows used for tank for dps applying ones. Yo ...2011.06.07 16:12:00
- Yeah **** cap injectors for pvp, amiright? ...2011.06.05 11:41:00

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