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- I'm honestly shock that EBank hasn't gotten into the escrow business yet given the ideas it requires ...2009.01.10 03:31:00
- Edited by: Rho''varo on 10/01/2009 19:41:27 Dividends: 14.5 billion ISK Buyback: 19.9 billion ISK ...2009.01.10 03:09:00
- One half-fleshed-out thought that I had before was that perhaps the intra-day number is the mean rat ...2009.01.09 10:58:00
- There's also a Blueprint trade channel, link the contract there. I've tried that selling other item ...2009.01.09 09:37:00
- In generally, I tend to agree with most of what cosmoray has written in this thread.For example, if ...2009.01.07 20:44:00
- Trading Places In particular this segment. ...2009.01.07 20:25:00
- There is already an EVE insurance game: no idea how l ...2009.01.06 22:13:00
- It would be nice to get a response from a GM on that topic. A petition's probably the way to go to ...2009.01.06 19:23:00
- Day Trading.Tor more on trading, see Advanced Trading in the Evelopedia. ...2009.01.06 17:17:00
- When I was operating POSes, I would have just moved to the next-door solar system if I found that a ...2009.01.06 17:09:00
- We were spamming high sec POS Locations with out anchored POSes till no free moon was left in the sy ...2009.01.06 16:53:00
- I won't repost what I wrote last quarter, but here's a brief summary: since you need data to build m ...2009.01.05 21:47:00
- You could start out in Hek... it is the Mimmatar hub, but people don't even rank it on the top 6 any ...2009.01.05 10:08:00
- Hot tip: to search for anything in the context of EVE, just add the term eve or eve-online to your s ...2009.01.05 00:59:00
- Very smooth: worked out a system that could address all of my psychotic security worries and leave m ...2009.01.04 00:01:00

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