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- Now my EVE client completely freezes when I try to shut it down. Opening taskmanager and killing th ...2011.04.06 22:35:00
- NPC Sensor Jamming:I am currently doing the mission Mordus Folly 2/2 which spawns two jamming cruise ...2011.04.06 21:22:00
- Edited by: kkawabangor on 24/01/2011 18:41:37 Sebiestor reportin in ... whatsup guys Big picture ...2011.01.24 18:31:00
- Ban Sir Vinnie for killing my pod please.2010.04.07 01:59:00Ziel: kkawabangor Corporation: System C ...2010.04.07 02:08:00
- Edited by: kkawabangor on 26/01/2010 22:28:52 so Rakyi is not my char and Yaho Fap is my eveger for ...2010.01.26 22:28:00
- so Rakyi is not my char and Yaho Fap is my eveger forum name. The char Yaho Fap = Rib XD proof 1 p ...2010.01.26 19:17:00
- Great way to paint a bullseye on your corp. You might want to tighten up your hiring security...We d ...2010.01.26 01:39:00
- "trustworthy" was the word i was looking for, but i guess my english is not as bad as Hexkes :P ...2010.01.25 23:14:00
- FYI we make alot of ISK with T2 production... 5 bil is not much for us.Reporting this guy here is ju ...2010.01.25 22:40:00
- racist, blaming him just cause he's ich bin übrigens auch n deutscher ! ...2010.01.25 21:15:00
- Edited by: kkawabangor on 25/01/2010 21:33:26 Edited by: Hexke on 25/01/2010 20:46:11 so pass ma a ...2010.01.25 20:58:00
- "Was kann schöner sein im Leben, als zu nehmen statt zu geben." / "There is nothing better in life t ...2010.01.25 20:47:00
- Edited by: kkawabangor on 26/01/2010 05:51:44Hexke - CorpthiefAlt: Rakyi, Yaho Fap proof ...2010.01.25 20:31:00
- Edited by: kkawabangor on 26/01/2010 05:50:22I would like to warn all CEOs of the german player name ...2010.01.25 20:22:00
- I had the same problem of a blackscreen after splashscreen... no hints in this thread worked for me. ...2009.12.20 08:01:00

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