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- "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today " ...2010.04.06 20:33:00
- Doubleclick the destination and you should be good to go.Yep..! That was it... Thanks ...2010.03.31 19:12:00
- It all works for me but I do not get a 'submit' button when I try to create a route. So far no rout ...2010.03.31 16:14:00
- Shield Tanks.... FTW....!!! ...2009.03.18 23:43:00
- Everything in EVE has at least three names and you can pronounce them anyway you wamt. ...2009.02.15 17:25:00
- Mine are all lazy, stupid and WAY overpaid...!!! ...2009.02.09 00:04:00
- I have no idea what this thread is about. I just want to say I was there "at the beginning" ...2009.02.08 16:35:00
- Help is OTW. We are sending Al Gore ASAP. Please feel free to keep him.... ...2009.02.02 19:29:00
- So you're trying to Armor Tank a Nighthawk..??? You don't want to be Caldari... ...2008.12.13 22:16:00
- It has to do with the last Union Contract for Freighter crews... "We don't do Cans..." or somethi ...2008.11.27 21:16:00
- You're going to get the same message the minute you claim any datacores. Just ignore them.... ...2008.11.27 21:03:00
- Many 'lives' ago, when I was in Aliances that were at war with half of EVE, I would feel a sense of ...2008.10.05 04:44:00
- "He says he dosen't like you... I don't like you either.....! ...2008.10.05 04:25:00
- If you actually earned your ISK ingame how could you justify the cost of that tub? You'd have to ru ...2008.07.17 15:21:00
- Oh My!! So things are different now...??? Tough Shoes...!!! ...2008.06.14 23:31:00

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