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- It'll also make the bot-drivers in null sleep easier while their mining and ratting bots are at it.H ...2011.08.29 20:02:00
- What I like most about this Idea, is it would encourage nullsec Carebears to bring PvP capable "Esco ...2011.08.29 17:33:00
- How about this instead:Dessies get "sonar" (module). You get passive/active mode.Well, "Sonar" is ...2011.08.28 15:12:00
- Ok, now we are discussing a feasible compromise. Clearly, I'm one who has adamantly said No to previ ...2011.08.28 02:49:00
- Daily Bump ...2011.08.23 17:45:00
- Edited by: Diablo Ex on 19/08/2011 08:25:06 Its threads like this that make me want to demonstrate ...2011.08.19 08:24:00
- Are you really suggesting a retriever can kill a recon ship or a covops strategic cruiser with light ...2011.08.19 08:06:00
- Daily Bump ...2011.08.19 05:54:00
- So you can't get kills without an invulnerability button and you're telling other people to HTFU?Get ...2011.08.19 05:36:00
- It's threads like this that makes my want to put my Dramiel in one of your precious nullsec systems, ...2011.08.19 04:57:00
- I find it quite amazing just how many tears that I receive just by being cloaked. Look, here is th ...2011.08.19 04:45:00
- I'll be the first to admit... I'm unethical, Amoral, and Untrustworthy. That's EvE, gameplay as int ...2011.08.19 01:28:00
- Daily Bump ...2011.08.18 03:04:00
- I heard mining drakes are pretty good too.But why should we be using warcraft to do industry tasks w ...2011.08.16 21:30:00
- Daily Bump ...2011.08.16 21:21:00

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