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- Thanks, this is great news!Any more info on the organization/structure/categories of the wiki? From ...2008.07.22 18:58:00
- I would also like to know the algorithm for gravimetric site respawn. Basically, how often is it wo ...2008.07.07 15:35:00
- Or perhaps have an annonymous submission mechanism for authors to offer ideas to CCP, but not in a p ...2008.07.04 20:58:00
- I support the suggested improvements to the EVE backstory in terms of clearing up inconsistencies of ...2008.07.04 20:37:00
- Edited by: Fehn Gamin on 26/06/2008 15:40:44 Thanks for the list, Lavista.Edit: and thanks to CCP X ...2008.06.26 15:40:00
- Which begs the question, "Where are the NPCs getting all the ore to make those battleships?" You do ...2008.06.03 13:51:00
- Bravo! Amazingly impressive for me. I would follow a good EVE 'show'. ;)Your work is obviously app ...2008.06.02 19:39:00
- Thanks Dex. I should have noticed... ...2008.06.02 19:31:00
- It is a matter of availability.There is more plain Veldspar than Concentrated or Dense, so if I put ...2008.06.02 19:30:00
- Maybe my question is irrelevant, but if this list is now out-of-date, does anyone have a link to a n ...2008.05.29 18:33:00
- Nice fiction Jade - I enjoy that you bring development ideas to life through stories.Good ideas from ...2008.05.23 21:46:00
- Thank you Sylvain, for highlighting the possible dictatorial intentions of this man, Heth. His powe ...2008.05.23 15:35:00
- Waiting for opinion polls to feed CSM debates... I would also like to see opinion totals correlated ...2008.05.21 20:59:00
- Try EVE Library and EVE wiki if you are looking to search for specific Amarr history. Just perusing ...2008.05.21 15:32:00
- I would agree with this assessment: Try instead of "i activated Blah and he activated Foo and i act ...2008.05.21 15:25:00

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