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- Read the Eve Uni wartime sop on their wiki.Its not the most fun way to fight, but it is brutally eff ...2011.09.04 09:38:00
- To be honest there are only really half a dozen or so larger active minnie FW corps.Not been active ...2011.08.21 11:31:00
- I've never had any issue using it. I always tank mine, rather than go for max cargo and limit mysel ...2011.08.18 08:31:00
- The most shameful thing of all is that you read the daily mail. ...2011.08.15 21:33:00
- WTF are you talking about.Get in a rifter, fit it with meta 0 mods if you want and fly with them. S ...2011.08.13 20:51:00
- 4) Could raise BS 2, Rapid Launch 3 and Cruise 3 skills all to 5 (+21% rof, +10% dmg)Step away from ...2011.08.13 20:45:00
- even though I hate drones getting the T2 lights should be a priority for you. They make a huge diff ...2011.08.08 20:33:00
- I tend to be quite cautious and set a limit of 50m for a t1 industrial. Also to be considered is th ...2011.08.08 19:57:00
- Its been a long time since I've done radar sites, but if memory is correct you cannot loot the cans ...2011.08.02 20:33:00
- I agree the passive rupture works fine for level 2s.I've tried all minnie cruisers when doing level ...2011.08.02 20:30:00
- Ok I checked battleclinic and it does indeed look like you have been at least trying. Your rifter f ...2011.08.01 23:06:00
- To be honest the lack of experience in a gang with a billion isk worth of ships worries me. ...2011.07.14 17:00:00
- To answer question three.T1 frigates and even the lower dps T2 frigates will struggle to kill battle ...2011.07.14 16:56:00
- You are never too new for pvp.You are never too new for pvp.You are never too new for pvp.I said i ...2011.07.14 16:49:00
- Minmatar. If you already have a few missile and Projectile skills. Typhoon is a great BS. not too pr ...2011.07.12 20:18:00

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