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- Another thing to think about is the "Pod Express" home. Some of us, who get deep into enemy 0.0 spac ...2011.02.26 01:52:00
- Hey Carena :), I'm interested in joining, I'm a 19.6M SP character who's mainly a Nano Hurricane pil ...2011.01.29 04:37:00
- Nice setup :). I have the same as you do, two separate Eve Folders, and also dual monitors.Running m ...2010.02.07 06:13:00
- Edited by: Sylen on 06/02/2010 01:09:04 NM It was answered :) ...2010.02.06 01:02:00
- A real Warrior fights to defend and protect the people in their lives they care for and love, and th ...2010.02.04 04:59:00
- It stars Ashton Kutcher, that automatically means it's horsecrap. Awww come on, he's not THAT bad.T ...2010.02.04 04:48:00
- As an old member of Celestial Apocalypse, welcome back guys! :P Go kick some butt! ...2010.02.02 22:50:00
- This is eve not life.Coming from the person who first used a real life example as comparison to Eve ...2010.02.02 03:50:00
- You walk into your living room and find a strange man you don't know looking at your DVD collection. ...2010.02.01 22:53:00
- Edited by: Sylen on 01/02/2010 03:42:14 1x True Sansha Energized Reactive Membrane 1x True Sansha ...2010.02.01 02:51:00
- Haha, the end is here! And that was really fun, great questions, fun crowd, would definitely come ba ...2010.01.31 22:51:00
- Edited by: Sylen on 31/01/2010 00:13:26 Yes, we Americans must be stupid to dominate the world mili ...2010.01.31 00:12:00
- Depends on if you like Action Hack & Slash games. Compared to games from the previous genre, this on ...2010.01.08 11:34:00
- Were the models used in the trailer ingame graphics? It seemed to me like they were modeled elsewher ...2007.10.17 00:57:00
- All in all, not a bad movie.It was definitely more appealing to me because of the quick action, and ...2007.03.18 07:54:00

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