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- If your account is active the character selection screen indicates if the character is docked at a s ...2011.04.19 03:05:00
- Soething like this could work: Damage Control I Medium Armor Repairer I Energized Adaptive Nano M ...2011.02.19 05:55:00
- Edited by: Baltara on 27/01/2011 01:27:09 You get a 10% missle velocity bonus for each point in Cal ...2011.01.27 01:26:00
- As one who did the Cormy to Moa transition on the first pass into L2's I can truely say go with an A ...2011.01.26 03:13:00
- My Documents->Eve->Capture->Screenshots.Something like that. ...2011.01.19 06:04:00
- And to me , you are a dirty old man. Sit down and enjoy the show. ...2011.01.19 06:00:00
- Click on the corporate logo in the station panel when docked at your agents' station. Select the "Ag ...2011.01.19 05:27:00
- I've gotten a Domination SML (gathering dust) and a small Gistii AB from escalations of high sec sca ...2011.01.05 01:43:00
- If you have not done so already you should run all 6 Career Path Mission strings. The event agent in ...2011.01.05 01:28:00
- The Advanced Combat Career Path mission chain was awarding fast track certificates for FW last time ...2010.12.31 04:16:00
- In addition to Jaina's list of pertinant skills you can add training Missle Launcher Operation to IV ...2010.12.23 04:48:00
- What SFX said about EFT. It's always better to do what-if fits in EFT before laying out any ISK on m ...2010.12.19 13:16:00
- Edited by: Baltara on 19/12/2010 02:01:12 Energy Management - Skill at regulating your ship's overa ...2010.12.19 01:56:00
- You could go speak with Sister Alitura of the Sisters of Eve in the Arnon system. She might have som ...2010.12.12 03:57:00
- Edited by: Baltara on 11/12/2010 23:38:28'Here may be found the last words of Joseph of Aramathea. ...2010.12.11 23:33:00

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