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- trailer asks the question "how you will rule? benevolent or tyrannical?"uhmm yeah.. how exactly doe ...2010.04.23 10:24:00
- If my memory serves me correct, drones have always been able to de-cloak ships. Assigned drones have ...2010.04.19 22:34:00
- aye..1) new logos shouldnt replace the old ones - but just add to the selection choice. I know lots ...2010.04.19 14:12:00
- So.. what happens if you like the way your corp logo currently is... and not the new variation of it ...2010.04.16 19:17:00
- If I'm repeating someone, then I'm sorry but I need to flame CCP for model of Friction Extension Pro ...2009.12.21 14:46:00
- if black and yellow is good enough for the Vorlons.. its good enough for you whingey tarts ...2009.12.17 23:20:00
- Being somewhat naive in the ways of T2 production i was of the limited understanding that the recent ...2009.12.17 15:07:00
- Edited by: Majickthise on 05/08/2008 23:16:18 It sucks, a vaga that doesn't shoot with the mwd on i ...2008.08.05 22:58:00
- you know people? ...2008.07.31 22:33:00
- Edited by: Majickthise on 22/07/2008 21:49:52 How bout a green Eos with a Myrm model and 5 ...2008.07.22 21:46:00
- infested domi please. and drone damage/speed/tracking implants...oh and T2/faction drone modules (om ...2008.07.22 21:32:00
- after or before they get around to finishing the gfx upgrade? planets/backdrops and effects still ne ...2008.07.22 12:53:00
- id rather see the Myrm hull go to a tier2 field command, using something like the old pre-nerf Eos s ...2008.07.14 15:15:00
- thanks all for your responses. suddenly its all clear. ...2008.06.08 21:52:00
- Edited by: Majickthise on 07/06/2008 09:16:10 What governs NPC station rental fees? ive noticed tha ...2008.06.07 09:16:00

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