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- I have 88 million to go before I catch you!Congratulations on your milestone. I wish I could have be ...2009.01.05 21:33:00
- Most of the older players in my corp rave about playing the market to make money. I can't figure it ...2009.01.05 20:57:00
- I'd take the loyal niche market over the ephemeral mainstream market any day. EVE is the proverbial ...2009.01.05 20:47:00
- In EFT, my drakes does 550 and still manages to fit a pretty mean buffer tank. ...2008.12.19 23:40:00
- I got my system all planned out. It's gonna have a nVidia 9800 GT, 4 gigs, and a AMD Phenom 2.66 Ghz ...2008.12.05 02:09:00
- Granted but you you have noone to man it.your ship gets blown up and you taken captive to be torture ...2008.11.30 20:13:00
- I wish for a blackout in my city so people can actually see the Milky Way and be inspired by what ...2008.11.30 19:16:00
- Keep the kestrel. ...2008.11.22 16:09:00
- This is for small roaming gang warfare, btw. Thanks for all the advice. ...2008.11.21 20:24:00
- Great. I finished BC V and I'm glad I get to use it more. ...2008.11.21 11:21:00
- I have two questions about these missiles.1. Can I use them on a Drake effectively in PvP?2. If not, ...2008.11.20 23:43:00
- I've always used two hardeners and two LSE IIs. ...2008.11.20 23:42:00
- I will keep you in mind as I find corpses. I would do something like this but marry the girl anyway. ...2008.11.20 23:40:00
- an idea i have had is, as u r already grouping skills together, y no make it like shool. u are alrea ...2008.11.20 11:19:00
- As an American, my country gets trolled more than other any country in the world on these forums. Su ...2008.11.18 02:10:00

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