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- its hard to summerize the piece of art, its by far the best film ever for EVE. graphics 10/10, sou ...2009.03.31 01:09:00
- I have been doing the amarr COSMOS missions and have been breezing through them in a zealot but am h ...2009.02.23 13:59:00
- I believe that harvester mining drones give 30m3 and thus give 5 more then the tech2's, so this can ...2009.02.17 18:29:00
- I dont see anyone fitting a webber, the bonus for the web is awesome and shouldnt be overlooked. i c ...2008.04.01 15:48:00
- Amarr ships are superior over every other ship, donít listen to the heretics posting otherwise! ...2008.03.26 12:07:00
- one day left on the auction, the bpo is ME35/PE20 ! ...2008.03.11 09:23:00
- I have a capital siege array BPO up on auctioncontract in amarr, its well researched. its auctioned ...2008.03.10 12:11:00
- This is an interesting offer, i will drop you guys a mail when i get back from work. ...2008.01.03 15:55:00
- 3 here, i usualy just use 2 ...2007.11.24 11:12:00
- Edited by: Deacon Ix on 20/11/2007 15:15:03 hehe,With Money no Object...Claymore 8x Gang Mods5x Co ...2007.11.21 12:39:00
- thnx guys, i got multiple usefull solutions ...2007.11.19 16:40:00
- BTW, a Ferox can perma-run 5 of them with just T2 gear and T1 rigs You can do it with 7 in a Vultu ...2007.11.19 13:26:00
- vulture:7x gang mods of your choise4x command processors 2x empty slots4x co proc t21x pg rigmy cap ...2007.11.19 11:43:00
- My second character, perk, is specialized in leadership skills. he now runs 6 gang assists modules s ...2007.11.19 11:25:00
- great site mate, well done ! ...2007.11.17 11:41:00

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