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- I think it would be fun to just be able to lie down in the bed.Sort of a way to signoff or a place t ...2011.07.01 19:47:00
- What recommendations do you have to monitor the CPU/GPU? Are there any that will allow you see the ...2011.06.24 16:21:00
- I believe I can make this, got to double check the calendar at home. Piratz Tavern is a good little ...2011.05.26 12:36:00
- Edited by: Chaos Gemini on 27/04/2011 01:07:35 Just started having this same problem. The icon for ...2011.04.27 01:00:00
- Rats, I was afraid of that. I guess I just run one character as I can't afford a second account ...2011.01.26 14:53:00
- I'm curious, can I start another client up (on the same system or another system) and use the same a ...2011.01.26 14:35:00
- Heh, thanks. ...2011.01.25 14:58:00
- As I was jumping to another system following the epic arc missions, I came into a system (can't reme ...2011.01.25 13:56:00
- I really do hate when people say this, but:GO. BACK. TO. WOW.That's funny, I've NEVER played WOW. ...2011.01.24 20:02:00
- So, I didn't see anything discussing this and was wondering if maybe I'm missing something or if the ...2011.01.24 18:33:00
- Hey there! Not on a whole lot lately and with the holidays probably less. Haven't been doing a lot ...2010.11.24 14:15:00
- Only being in the game for a month or two now, I noticed the same thing about agents giving the same ...2010.03.15 12:53:00
- hello! ...2010.03.14 00:10:00
- I've been seeing that with agents in the Algogille system. As far as I know they're level 1 mission ...2010.03.04 15:48:00
- I'm still new to the game and only seen a few ships. So far I really like the look of the Catalyst. ...2010.03.04 15:15:00

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