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- Everytime i want to do a mission i must first go to space where its at. log in and out since the war ...2011.09.01 18:22:00
- I get same issue as well. Id rather have 30 second change timer then have to go fix my fittings ever ...2011.09.01 18:19:00
- Casino seems great. still waiting for my first ship i won to be delivered but great fun ...2011.08.29 01:22:00
- If you still need someone to do this send me a message ingame. ...2011.08.28 07:15:00
- First off your a bad troll. you want 2 bil. you say 900mil (round to 1 bil to be easy) is going to f ...2011.08.28 04:27:00
- This drone issue happens to me all the time ...2011.08.27 15:53:00
- This happens to me a few times a day as well ...2011.08.27 15:48:00
- I just went to Incursion staging area to try it out. Tried all the different sites there were 3. A ...2011.01.25 22:30:00

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