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- According to fleet telemetry wormhole space is between 1200-1800 ly from kspace, depending on which ...2011.09.06 10:14:00
- The Book of Exodus describes how Solomon known for his wisdom was able to speak with god through two ...2011.09.05 17:41:00
- Edited by: Wyke Mossari on 05/09/2011 11:16:13 Long term investments with low downside risk.One or ...2011.09.05 01:04:00
- Edited by: Wyke Mossari on 05/09/2011 16:07:05 On a different note, look at the "map" in the ancie ...2011.09.04 20:08:00
- New versions always start with a new cache, clear your cache regularly to get the same benefit at ot ...2011.09.03 07:55:00
- The whole PI market is showing signs of recovery, about the only whole market segment showing a bu ...2011.09.03 07:53:00
- So now you can get plex at a cash discount if you buy it in bulk... Why?Is this perhaps ye olde - CC ...2011.09.03 07:35:00
- This is true. The economy is on a serious downturn. So much in fact I had considered suspending trad ...2011.09.03 07:30:00
- A possible new line of enquiry regarding inspiration for the Minmatar in the Romani. They have a st ...2011.09.02 14:01:00
- Quite a lot of the Age of enlightenment philosophers were taught/trained by Jesuits.Some examples ...2011.09.02 12:02:00
- And now a dual pronged break in attempt at Caldari and Gallente bio-tech labs by "ordinary citize ...2011.09.02 10:50:00
- Edited by: Wyke Mossari on 03/09/2011 09:01:21... hints the Jove somehow tie to the "Unified Catholi ...2011.09.02 10:47:00
- The Technetium price movement supports my long stated opinion that a de-facto cartel was in operat ...2011.09.02 10:09:00
- The latest Price Indices are now available and apparently confirm my long held suspicion the Eve e ...2011.09.02 09:46:00
- If you think an sell order is priced to low, buy it up and relist it. Profit off the supposed stupi ...2011.09.02 09:20:00

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