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- I was also going to suggest use of AALib. If you can play Doom/Quake using AALib, then doing a bit ...2009.02.13 20:26:00
- Its one of the laws of (anime) physics: constant thrust equals constant velocity. ...2009.02.09 22:46:00
- Hello..Fairly new on Eve.Lurk more, then. Problem/Suggestion already put up for ages.Same Answer, no ...2009.02.06 21:35:00
- I'd prefer if it was a 48 hour period, as most of my skills are either 10+ hours or 3+ days to train ...2009.02.05 21:39:00
- Edited by: Le Poupon on 28/01/2009 19:11:35 Who is this careful? and why can he not be podded?Becau ...2009.01.28 20:37:00
- Cool, I'm fine with 30 days as long as nobody else in line :)Thaks for your answers!Having the only ...2009.01.26 21:04:00
- Edited by: Nyterra on 23/01/2009 21:58:24 I hope I didn't hurt anyones feelings, you guys do seem a ...2009.01.23 21:57:00
- From what I have heard from some freighter pilot it is not possible to put assembled GSC in a frei ...2009.01.22 22:14:00
- Excellent sequence. Have a brownie point!hmmm ... brownies. ...2009.01.19 20:30:00
- Mork&Mindy!Nanu nanu!IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!!!!Mork was Nano ship pilot... No wonder he always had ...2008.07.08 17:15:00
- While I agree with Capt Fina that substitute goods do indeed exist in EVE, my question to her is:How ...2008.06.11 22:08:00
- ...all insurance can give is a TOKEN payement: If you can make money by Insurance Fraud its allowed, ...2008.06.11 21:57:00
- Your basis for a "base price" is flawed (see earlier post- insurance can't be re-processed into mine ...2008.06.11 20:07:00
- LOLDude there is no difference when you control either end of the market it is control period. We do ...2008.06.11 00:32:00
- You've become boring now. Using my own arguments haha I thought you were a demi-god... at least yo ...2008.06.11 00:03:00

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