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- Ive been playing now for about 3 months. Ive got the general Idea of EVE. Ships, stations, mining ...2008.07.29 15:57:00
- Worst thing to do. Make yourself noticeable. Like hauling a 1.2 billion load SOLO afk travel. Ev ...2008.07.24 14:13:00
- I heard someone say in local chat. "Dont go there its a drone system..."What the heck is a drone s ...2008.07.22 17:45:00
- Happened to me, I nearly called in reinforcements as I thought it was someone trying to gank me. Tur ...2008.07.18 16:03:00
- I have heard alot of sides on this but I am still not sure. I am caldari, and as I understand it mos ...2008.07.18 16:00:00
- These are all good. I will be reviewing the corps listed here and have an answer by tomorrow. I wa ...2008.07.18 15:45:00
- Practical Timezone - EST - Corp in profileWho am I - I am a relatively new player with most of ...2008.07.17 21:22:00
- People fall for anything. Good vid. ...2008.07.17 19:59:00
- To answer your question Louise I am looking to get more damage from Heavy missiles in hopes of buil ...2008.07.09 14:49:00
- My questions are two fold. Ive been in eve 3 months now and I still am not up to speed on alot of ...2008.07.09 14:06:00
- Thank you everyone. That helps me understand PVP a little more. I will ask some more questions in an ...2008.07.09 13:59:00
- Never say never but I do not think you will ever see SOE with CCP. CCP is much to smart for that. ...2008.07.09 13:53:00
- If he is can flipping in a Brutix, then he isnt after your ore. He is 100% after your ships kill ma ...2008.07.07 18:39:00
- Howdy,Whenever you kill an NPC with a bounty, concorde automatically will pay you for that bounty. ...2008.07.07 18:36:00
- Apparantly I have been cutting myself off to a big portion of money in Agent missions. You can colle ...2008.07.07 17:45:00

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