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- So my idea was to remake the background, to make a game more immersive, and it will be so beautiful ...2008.10.26 10:06:00
- I just wish this thread would die... :>It really hurts my feelings! :P ...2008.10.26 08:07:00
- Greetings,Can we get a dev post marker on page numbers? When you see a thread that has the blue line ...2008.10.26 07:39:00
- I just want my space to be black... :( ...2008.10.19 07:07:00
- If you run into any trouble with 0.4 version do tell. ...2008.10.03 16:56:00
- Instead of early September, we made it in early October. :)0.4 release of pyEVE with some new change ...2008.10.02 19:59:00
- Maybe fleet jumps could me more synchronous? When fleet commanders issues an order Jump Fleet, all i ...2008.08.24 06:56:00
- Tech Lab! ...2008.08.24 06:21:00
- Jesus christ, if you have eye problems, get a screen magnifier or change the text size. companies sh ...2008.08.24 06:15:00
- I just use Linux client and I told KDE to put EVE on Desktop #3, on the primary monitor. I would, ho ...2008.08.11 21:19:00
- Failed to generate new API key. Please try again. (Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'pk_apiKeys'. ...2008.08.11 20:34:00
- I'd just remove it from the game. Completely. ...2008.08.11 20:08:00
- Finally worked for me after pressing refresh 80-100 times. Do not press refresh too fast though, or ...2008.08.11 12:18:00
- We are aware of a problem and a fix is being made. Dang, you ran out of entropy! Want to buy some? ...2008.08.11 12:16:00
- Make Jita a no-fly-zone.Once you jump thru the gate, there you are, docked on a single station. No m ...2008.08.11 12:12:00

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