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- Edited by: Albert O''Balsam on 28/01/2011 08:38:22 2 good setups thanks for the feedback.I will be ...2011.01.28 08:36:00
- It seems there is a need for more logistics pilots in incursion. Recommend me a fit that will best s ...2011.01.27 11:20:00
- Some advantages of the NH:1. Over a Drake: - Significantly more DPS - More shielding with fe ...2009.09.30 15:50:00
- I was under the impression that most macro miners mine ice because its far easier to manage. Banning ...2009.09.28 08:55:00
- Well - I dont want to give it away - but "complete cosmos and they will come" ...2009.09.23 06:46:00
- For anyone with a long memory let us not forget that lasers sucked bad for a couple of years in the ...2009.09.17 06:22:00
- things need a rework - no arguments from me there - but a quick fix could be to simply adjust the ba ...2009.09.12 09:50:00
- I find it hard to beleive that 1) people still research ME and PE past 10 or 20 when even the bigges ...2009.09.09 07:18:00
- Well - its simple isn't it - jump freighters are just too damn expensive!So why is it that a shp had ...2009.09.08 09:48:00
- placement of the initial probe is in my experience key to quickly finding the site. If the red globe ...2009.07.21 09:11:00
- As someone who has been on the receiving end of an all night rave for 4 years running and a local au ...2009.07.20 11:35:00
- After going back to "thin out" some of these plexes - I think I see the problem.They seem to be spac ...2009.07.17 06:54:00
- Is it right what I am getting from EFT that the align time for the Orca which is basically just a mi ...2009.07.16 07:27:00
- I have been scanning systems out for some time now - but a recent trend has me to thinking something ...2009.07.15 15:50:00
- Edited by: Albert O''Balsam on 10/07/2009 09:26:17 IMHO It has been clear for some time that the ba ...2009.07.10 09:14:00

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