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- ITT: Posters with Wall of Text trained to lv5 has their montly period.i appreciate your curiosity bu ...2011.02.28 17:30:00
- Already did this many an election ago. You're too late.Also **** you for not mentioning me. ...2011.02.28 10:50:00
- Yes, it's a rare thing to happen. Why did this thread not die here? ...2011.02.24 11:29:00
- Mother ****ing Sith on this mother ****ing plane.Had to. ...2011.02.20 10:43:00
- Moved from 'Corporation, Alliance and Organization Discussions'.Once again, thanks so much for diver ...2011.02.20 10:37:00
- Even Bai Zai?I did manage to speak to Nexus before he left, said he was bored of eve. BASTARDO!Main ...2011.02.20 10:35:00
- I approve of this scam. ...2011.02.19 21:57:00
- Great corp. No longer sheltered by PL?I've been away. Its my excuse and I'm sticking to it. ...2011.02.19 21:29:00
- Confirming that Lady Spank provides quality services. Every isk that I have spend with Lady Spank h ...2011.02.19 21:22:00
- Moved from 'Issues, Workarounds & Localization'.I read this as please make this guy ragequit. ...2011.02.19 21:16:00
- Why? ...2011.02.15 09:13:00
- Anyone want to make a Forumgeddon? ...2011.02.14 22:47:00
- I am an American and as such I don't negotiate with terrorists.Then what was the bank bailout? ...2011.02.14 20:14:00
- There is already a ransom feature, you just have to communicate with others playing this MMO. I kno ...2011.02.14 20:03:00
- People still ransom? ...2011.02.14 19:56:00

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