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- Edited by: Cerrano on 14/07/2011 21:41:09 All you need is a damn good speedsheet and there are a fe ...2011.07.14 21:40:00
- This is the best ME research tool I've found thus far (I'm a returning player). Back in the days the ...2011.01.21 23:43:00
- This sheet looks promising, I'll take a closer look when I'm home from work. But it looks like it co ...2010.08.26 09:24:00
- I didn't see it either :)Check you Settings (to the left) and select "Show signatures".Hey Sidrat .. ...2009.10.28 20:40:00
- Edited by: Cerrano on 16/10/2009 18:19:40 Hello. I'm a returning player, I haven't played since be ...2009.10.16 17:22:00
- I use this one: with ingame browser. ...2005.11.18 00:28:00
- I remember reading about new bloodlines a while ago, but I can't find that thread now.I'm about to s ...2005.11.17 19:33:00
- Edited by: Cerrano on 01/11/2005 16:34:41 I use this one: TinkymouseYou can also check this sticky. ...2005.11.01 16:34:00
- Same problem here. ...2005.10.24 09:18:00
- This one? ...2005.10.24 05:22:00
- I take it you didn't know about the Item Database then?I think this is what your're looking for: Tra ...2005.10.21 00:32:00
- Right... I knew that, just assumed everybody knew that you sold accounts for in-game isk. Sorry for ...2005.10.20 06:07:00
- It's not allowed to sell accounts (you can transfer chars though), this is from the EULA:"3. ACCOUNT ...2005.10.20 02:07:00
- Edited by: Cerrano on 19/10/2005 00:36:21 Well, and that Mining crystals are a common drop item in ...2005.10.19 00:36:00
- Check description on Stations, Starbases and Outposts forum .. "This is also the discussion channel ...2005.09.15 03:04:00

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